Home Built Used Classic Wooden Boat For Sale in Seattle


Type Of Boat
Home Built
LOA (feet)
Hull Only (ft)
Hull with Platform (ft)
Hull with Platform and Pulpit (ft)
Draft (ft)
Beam (ft)
Deck Material
Hull Material
Alaskan Spruce/ FiberGlass Overlay
Superstructure Material




Engine Make
1966 EvinRude
Engine Model
Engine Year
Fuel Type


Boat Survey
Survey Date
Swim Platform
Trailer Make
Trailer Model
Trailer Year
Winter Cover
Dinghy Make
Cabins (number)
Air Conditioning
Wet Bar (With Sink)
Dry Bar (No Sink)
Manual Head
Electric Head
Fire Extinguisher
Color of Canvas
Bridge Enclosure
Bridge Cover
Not Specified
Bridge Enclosure
Convertible Top
Side Curtains
Drop Curtain
Not Specified
Bimini (after)
Camper Back
Tonneau Cover
Not Specified
Deck Enclosure
Windshield Cover
Not Specified
Sleeps (Number of People)
Holding Tanks (total number)
Water Tanks

Further Comments

Photos at this link This boat is what you call a BARN FIND. Kinda like those car collectors, that look for cars, and find, a brand new or very restorable, 50 year old cars, buried underneath a pile of cow doody, on a farm in the middle of nowhere. The title has it listed as a pleasure boat 1964 HM. The HM means homemade. I am just about finished with the top coat. And the boat will be ready for the water. The story on ths boat goes as follows. It was built by a master carpenter, and boat builder. He only made 5 boats his entire life. You can tell by the craftsmanship, and the detail, that alot of love for boats, was put into this 19 foot cruiser. The build was completed in 1964. At that time the boat was titled, and registered. He was running low on cash, so it sat for 2 years, in storage, before he could afford a brand new 1966 Evinrude 100 Hp Starflite, with Electric start, and Selectric shift. Which at that time cost $1,295.50. The most exspensive Evinrude, made at the time. Back in 1966 that was probably half a years wages to the average person. In fact I know it was.That motor was designed to push a boat as large as a 23 footer. During that 2 year waiting period, he piddled around, adding all of the finishing touches and fine detail, noted on this little gem. He finally bought the motor. Installed it very professionaly, and kept every pamplet and every piece of paper that had anything to do with what was installed on the boat. The following summer, the owner and his wife set out for his most anticipated Alaskan adventure, leaving from Seattle on its maiden voyage. I was told this was the only trip, this boat had ever made. I was thinking this guy must have been nuts to make a trek like that in a 19 footer. It turned out to be a flawless and wonderful summer trip, so I was told. I even have original photos of that Alaskan cruise. Summer ended, and although the builder was happy, to finally realize his dream, of taking that Alaskan trip, with his 2 most cherished loves, his wife of 30 years at the time, and his new boat, he made with his bare hands. Summer ended, and he knew all good things must come to an end. The builder then raised the motor with the tilt trim, loaded the vessel on the original, almost flawless, Holsclaw trailer, rinsed her off, flushed to motor, and took her home. He couldnt wait for the next boating season to arrive. He then did everything necessary to store the boat for the fall, and winter. Draining all of the fuel from both 20 gallon tanks, flushing all of the lines, leaving the tanks and lines bone dry. He then inserted lubricant into each of the 4 cylinders of the monstrous 100 horse power motor, thew a canvas cover over her, and there she sat. The builder then passed away 4 months later in January of 1967, that following winter. So there this new boat, sat for 40 years, undisturbed, unused in a barn. The widow could not part with it, although it sat, and sat, and sat. Then one day in 2006 she decided to clean up, and started selling off everything. This boat was one of the items she sold. Another elderly gentleman bought her, with hopes of taking her out, in lieu, of his gas guzzling 52 footer in 2006. But there it sat, and sat, and sat. Under cover, but gathering dust, paint fading, but the wood work inside, looking good as the day it was installed. Finally after 3 years and 4 months of hounding this man to sell me this boat, he finally relented, and sold it to me. I bought her in August of 2009. What sold me on the boat was the meticulous craftsmanship, and attention to detail, this builder had put into her. I didnt even care if the motor ran or if it was frozen. (It wasent the motor I was after). All the way from the anchors on the steering wheel with the built in fuel gauge right in the middle of it, to the professional installation of the wiring, fuel tanks, all instrumentation, the working clock, to the gosh dang horn. This builder left nothing for the imagination. I got her home, bought 5 gallons of fresh mixed fuel, connected the fuel line to the motor, primed it, and BAM!! Fired right up. As it motor purred, I noticed no water was comming out of the exhaust. And the fuel connector was leaking. So I had the impeller replaced, and bought a new fuel connector. I was surprised to find out how easy, and readily available parts are for this vintage classic motor. (Thank you Sea Way Marine). As you can see under the cowling this motor is new. All the belts for the distributor still have the manufactures stamp plain as day. Plugs are original Autolites, and still new. Wiring, carbs, and everything under this motor cowling sparkles. This is a hand crafted Home Built 1964 Vintage boat. This boat is bone dry and there is no dry rot, or mold, anywhere. I guarantee that. It is constructed with Alaskan Spruce with fiberglass overlay. The exterior bottom paint looks like it was put on today. It is powered by a 100 Hp 1966 Evinrude motor, with Electric start, and Selectric shift, with barley 50 documented hours on it. Model # 100683R Serail # EQ2154 It has a full vinyl enclosue for those cold days, and nights. Recently painted top deck and walkaround Hull had recent buff and wax. New impeller and tune up Custom built Hosclaw trailer shows no signs of rust at all. ( Tows nicely) New VHF Radio New Stereo It has an fairly large sleep cabin, head room almost high enough for the average person to stand up in, easily comfortable enough for 2 people, and a folding, ventian sliding door for privacy, and ample lighting.. All of the vinyl interior is like new. I might add there isnt a whole lot of vinyl interior on the boat, because it is all detailed in Alaskan Spruce. The sleep pads, the 2 captains seats and one bolster is all that is uphosltered on this boat. The original varnished wood work, shines. I did nothing to it except, use furniture polish. The wiring compartment, is unbelievable, and everything on this boat is in working order. It has windshield wipers, the coolest steering wheel, I have ever seen. It has a porta potti, and is also plumbed for a head that sucks water from the lake, and drains into a holding tank. (Not installed) I think back then, this type of head had just become illegal, so he capped the lines, and installed a porta potti. The interior hull under the removable floor panels, and there are many, is still like new with high gloss marine paint. You can have total access to the bare hull, from bow to stern, just by lifitng the floor panels that fit tightly and securely. It has blowers for fuel fumes, which I have not experienced at all. Or even know why that was installed, because its an outboard. It has a fold down table that holds the brand new vintage alcohol stove at the rear stern. The 2 - 20 gallon fuel tanks are vintage but look like they just came out of the box. All of the fuel lines are like new. It has a switch for each tank, plus a switch for reserve fuel and an off safety switch. It has what looks like new to me, fixed trim tabs, and also an electric tilt for the motor. I cant say enough about this vessel. YOU JUST HAVE TO COME SEE FOR YOURSELF.
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