Frequently Asked Questions 

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At some point after having listed your boat you may want to add, remove, or change listing information or pictures.   Once you login, you can access your account in the top right corner of the website.

When you list your classic wooden boat for sale on Lady Ben, you can manage the images via your account profile. Login and just click on your boat.

Lady Ben has the world's finest source for classic wooden boat's since 1998.  Thousands of wooden boat buyers and enthusiasts visit every month. Our free listing offer includes a detailed boat listing and six pictures. Still the best deal on the internet for your classic wooden boat.

We do offer additional advertising exposure for your classic wood boat at a very modest cost.   Our listing service allows you to give a boat the coverage it deserves.

This is an advantage to both sellers and buyers.   Sellers have the opportunity to present their boat in a comprehensive manner and buyers have access to plenty of information about the boat.   By using the internet to market your boat, you are reaching our to thousands of buyers.   You may be reaching a potential buyer for your classic wooden boat in another state/province or country.   As well, your listing is accessible to individuals 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.   To see how your boat may be presented to potential buyers view the Sample Listing.

Listing Benfits - Creating an account is required for listing your boat for sale.   This authenication process helps ensure the integrity of the listings on Lady Ben.   This provides confidence to buyers looking for classic wooden boats that the listing is valid.   In addition, through your account you are provided a password and username to protect and manage your listing information.  You will need to login to manage your boat details: asking price, pertainent details, update pictures and your contact information.

Buyer Benefits - You can bookmark boats of interest and easily follow their status.

Yes!  Listing your boat on Lady Ben Classic Wooden Boats is free. get your boat the best exposure you may want to try an Elite listing.

Listing a boat is easy!

   Step 1.  Create an account
   Step 2.  Provide details about your boat
   Step 3.  Add your images
   Step 4.  Save your listing

Your all done !

Lady Ben is a boat listing/referral service for boat owners.  We do not participate in the sales transaction.  The owners are responsible for the listing information provided.  We do not provide broker services.

You can work with a broker and list on, but there are different terms for brokers.

We do not.  Here is a fabulous resource - the World's Largest Library of Old Boat Brochures available here: Old Boat Brochures

Lady Ben does not offer appraisal/valuation services.  A neighborly suggestion would be to try contacting a marine surveyor in your area.  During your due deligence evaluation ask about their knowledge of wooden boats or if they could recommend a surveryor who specializes in wooden vessels.