About Lady Ben 

LadyBen.com is an international web-based service dedicated to connecting classic wooden boat sellers with buyers all over North America and has been around since 1998.
Lady Ben does not participate in the sales transaction.  The sellers are solely responsible for the information provided.  We archive old boat listings to preserve their beautiful imagery and honor the craftsmanship.  

The Touching Story Of How LadyBen.com Got Its Name

"Lady Ben" was truly the most avid sea dog imaginable. The original owners of LadyBen.com rescued her when she was near death as a wee puppy, just south of Atlantic City on one of their runs back from down south. Within weeks of regaining her strength, she was climbing the flybridge ladder and enthusiastically participating in all deck hand activities.

Lady Ben quickly gained 2nd mate status and proudly sailed under the "SandDollar" flag for over 50,000 nautical miles. As an Australian Blue Heeler (more or less) her Aussie blood gave her a sense of adventure and love of travel. After sailing on the west coast of Canada in 1994-95 she semi-retired east, to consult on the LadyBen.com web site and enjoy life as a land lubber. She has since passed on, but we're sure she still sniffs the wind, lets us know the weather and when the sun is over the yardarm. We still hear her thoughts..."Cast off the lines, a new adventure awaits".

Image of Lady Ben's Namesake dog mate

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